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Halaqah Films

Halaqah Films is a multi-national independent media group built on a socially responsible moral ethos. Halaqah challenges the centuries of media representation by bringing focus to stories of those who have been made voiceless through inequality.

Halaqah Films is dedicated to presenting vibrant, conscious, contemporary and educational media and services. Media that demands social change and promotes peace , morality and justice. The same multi-award standard applied to our products is also extended to our clients. Cutting edge graphic design, filming, post-production, studio composition, film scores, distribution, DVD authoring and product artist branding.


Economics is critical to the future of Halaqah's mission. We believe in a sustainable mix-mode egalitarian industry where economics is used to serve the majority of the people. In this respect, Halaqah is dedicated to creating an economic web of sustainable intellectual and cultural wealth. In this respect Halaqah Films is self-sustaining through creating wealth on its intellectual property and thus supporting new products off of the success of our catalogue. Halaqah Films does not accept donation, external funds. This has always been part of our independant ethos for creating works which is loyal only to the truth.


  • Socially responsible media that engages and brings humanity to a new level
  • Challenge the stereotypes by contributing progressive media to the international forum
  • Creating sustainable economies which create wealth and opportunity
  • Advancing the traditions of artistic expression

Halaqah Films


Halaqah Films


Founded in 1998 (London) has evolved from audio products to media services and finally film production and distribution. Halaqah Films first production as a record label was "From The Shadows" which went on to be a multi-million best seller worldwide and made Halaqah a household name. The Shadows series continue to be the benchmark of Halaqah signature audiodocumentary line.

In 2005 Halaqah Films assumed the dual name of Halaqah Films and created the multi-award winning documentary 500 Years Later, which to date has been viewed by over 10 million people. Halaqah Media has offices in South Africa, America and the U.K. Although catering to a largely American and British audience, Halaqah Media has an established demographic in South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Canada, Pakistani and Tanzania. Halaqah now also has some of its products in Arabic, Hausa, Amharic and Portuguese.


As a socially responsible company we are 100% owned by "people of color" and employ and train people from traditionally oppressed groups. We believe this is necessary to address the skills imbalance sustained by exploitation and domination. Halaqah is part of the solution mechanism to empower a new generation of people living in so-called "Third world countries". Economic participation of oppressed peoples can only be done if people have the skills to compete. So we not only train people for the employment pool but also to take up new positions and business entrepreneurs.



Halaqah Films


The Halaqah philosophy has never changed and this hard foundational paradigm has driven massive developments in product creation as well as outstanding benchmarks in quality and social value. The future of Halaqah must continue to evolve and be proactive in seeking new alliances, partnerships and opportunities to expand into the next decade and beyond. What is the legacy of Halaqah? consistency and quality with an international reputation for uncompromising principles and social responsible media products. Halaqah is known for pushing the technological envelope and innovating rather than following. Halaqah has always stayed ahead of every trend by attending numerous trade fairs and responding in the blink of an eye to micro changes in the market. This has always been possible because Halaqah Media is built on a flexible skeletal structure. Distribution is a crisis for African and minority media,

Halaqah Films

Halaqah must respond to this an expand its global market share for all those who invest in the success of the Halaqah brand. But the global power or power of change Halaqah has exerted on the globe is impossible to calculate. And the source of all of this is the foundational principles of clean business, resource management, innovation and the ability to sense and evolve in a globalized world.


Motherland released and being marketed and screen around the world. Visit www.themotherland.info for more information.


No paid jobs but if you would like to volunteer translation services please contact us. We are looking for interns only in our Durban office.



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