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Halaqah Films

Halaqah Films is has a strong voice within the documentary genre. With awards from all corners of the globe. Halaqah is widely regarding as one of the few production companies of its kind. The best company to understand film services is one who actually produces films.

We are our best customer. From 5.1 surround sound mixing to grading to editing. Almost all aspects of the filmmaking process are done in our offices in the UK and Africa. We have camera crews all over the world and using the latest technology we are able to deliver professional content at a scalable rate. SD or HD depending on your budget.

Filmmaking is an art as well as a business. It's a form of storytelling that can capture an audience in a variety of ways. Often, directors and filmmakers want a certain look that will enhance a scene and move their audience. Always using the latest technology Halaqah has acquired to top of the range trend-setting DSLR technology. Our focus is on aesthetic polish and riviting story telling where echnology is our servant, not our master.


Halaqah Films

Editing is an art form which uses science. Halaqah Films is known for its distinctive editing style which is seen in the music videos and films we produce. Halaqah has a full High Definition Edit Studio located in UK and South Africa. We use the latest Editing workstations along with the latest color correction. We also have a full DVD Studio production component. It's not just great editing that makes a project, delivery is just as important. We master DVD's and provide the correct Compression files for web delivery. Everything under one roof and we deliver on time and on budget. So if you need content for Vimeo or YouTube or Amazon we can deliver in multi formats for all your future codec requirements.



Halaqah Films

With our staff of highly experienced authors, editors and customer service representatives, Halaqah Studios can handle any Authoring specification you may need and offers the following basic and complex options for complete customizing of your DVD project: MPEG-2 encoding Multi-pass picture encoding on Sonic Solutions Auto Loop, Auto Play or generic Play Button Multi Dolby Digital Audio Tracks 5.1 Surround Sound and Motion Menu Screens & Overlays Region Coding.


Motion graphics are graphics that use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation. They add value to any production, as well as a dynamic content-driven message. You can use them in your marketing message to drive a presentation, website, or advertising promotion.

We offer professional motion graphic services including logo animation, multimedia video creation, promotional website videos, banners and more.


Halaqah Films

underthissun.com is Halaqah dedicated photo gallery showing a diverse of photographs reflecting the world as seen through the eyes of some of our photographers. If you require stock footage or a bespoke shoot, let us know and we can help you.

An image is a thousand words with the power to freeze a moment in time the photograph is a window to a distant memory a moment that defined our humanity. Images share our beautiful world with others taking us to far distant lands and cultures beyond our imagination. Halaqah throughout the decade of photographing on 5 continents has amassed a stunning stock achieve which you be license for all your requirements.

MUSIC PRODUCTION 5.1 specialist

Halaqah Films

The studio was custom-computer designed to not only provide an acoustic environment worthy of the Halaqah Studio standard but also to generate a relaxing , creative mood. With custom dim eco-friendly lighting , Atmosfear Studio really does provide an unforgettably atmospheric setting . Our meticulous attention to the studio reflects our commitment to sonic perfection and an age-old tradition of true studio production. The new studio boasts the award winning Mackie D8B, which has 72 channels and is fully automated. Studio 2 of our London Studio is primarily for post-production Audio/Visual work and employs a Tascam DM24, which is 96khz compatible. Both studios record 48 tracks digital

FILM SCORE 5.1 Specialist

Halaqah Films






Halaqah Films is one of the few companies to have inhouse composers. But we have to because we need them for our own films. With talented composers we can provide a unique sonic experience for all your projects.Our latest epic score was for our own production Motherland soundtrack. It was just one 21st century expression of the dynamic nature of African music. It is a window to the diverse applications for the African music traditions. The Motherland soundtrack is a West African tradition-contemporary work but flavouring and accommodating tonalities from the plethora of African sounds, which define the diversity, and splendour of the African sonic landscape.

  • Experienced with multi-platform software in video and sound production 
• Possesses strong understanding of contemporary and African/Asian classical music culture 
• Engineering support with extensive knowledge of mixing audio for picture 
• 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround audio production and sound design experience 
• Experienced in MIDI sequencing and Digital Audio Processing 
• Experienced in Music Production Studio Management 
• Experienced within the film, TV, and music business 
• Experienced team player with a definitive passion for film and music


Halaqah Films

.Do you have a film a product that needs to be placed and exposed in the market? Then Halaqah Films can help you with adding production value to your film and give it that market presents. Please click the contact button to discuss your needs with us.

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