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Websites are the new offices of our generation. Companies international prestige is no longer in physical spaces but in online presences. The first impressions is usually formulated by the customer after visiting a website and therefore web presences is status and world standing.

A company or organization without a professional website is a company of the Jurassic era. As trend setters we innovate and push the boundaries of design and technology, we are not following trends but part of the new generation of international media companies setting trends. Halaqah Media is the designer end of web site development, with aesthetic and prestige as our benchmarks.


Ocacia African Traditional Modern Designer Clothing, Asian Ethnic Afrocentric Attire


Not only are we cutting-edge professional web designers we are also a film production company so we are sensitive to the needs of the film industry and dedicated to its development. We use state of the art CSS and CMS technology to allow you staff to make basic updates without any prior design knowledge. We believe that this unique technological system will greatly enhance the functionality and future proofing of your website. We have all the latest media tools at our disposal to internally handle every aspect of your web design.

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Our workflow is second to none. With all of our clients we identify their needs and map out a workflow which involves them at every stage. Deadlines and objectives are identified and targets set, and met. We usually start with the general design and offer variations, we then consult and move to the next phase. All major changes are documented to ensure there is a track record of request and implementation.

We act in the best interest of functional design work. And give general tips to enhance the clients online success.

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Our company slogan is the signature of Quality and Expression. Our definition of quality not only extends to the services and products we provide but also the quality of professional service fulfillment. As a company serious dedicated to future relationships we always keep the customer happy to secure the future. All deadlines are met without apology. Regardless of your budget Halaqah only has one service and one standard. The threshold of perfection applies across the board. Price may affect coding, time, technological features, but it does not affect quality of work done for a given set of web specifications. Let us know your budget and we will work with you to give you what you need with free advise to give you that confidence.


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