Drone bookings are subject to weather conditions and other legal area restrictions. If the booking must be canceled and rebooked on account of rain (at short notice) then we will retain a 10% fee for such cancellations.

All bookings require a deposit in advance. We cannot accept a deposit on the day of the shoot/project. We require full payment on viewing the final project. We cannot release the final work (online, or physically) unless the final payment is made. All work will be viewable once completed.


Once a shoot is confirmed by both parties and dates, call times, and fees are agreed upon via e-mail, the date will be considered booked. If a shoot is booked verbally, it must be followed up with an e-mail giving confirmation of dates/times and fees agreed. A deposit of 50% (or whatever is agreed) of the agreed-upon quote is due at the time of booking to secure the shoot date, which is applied to the final cost of the shoot.


A cancellation fee will apply at the rate of 50% of the shoot quote if the shoot is canceled within 48 hours of the pre-agreed shoot date (the deposit at the time of booking). A cancellation fee of 100% of the shoot quote will apply if the shoot is canceled within a 24-hour period from the agreed-upon shoot date. No cancellation fee will apply if the shoot is rescheduled to a later date (other than the 50% booking deposit). There is no refund of deposits if the shoot is canceled by the client.


“Force Majeure” means “Superior Force.” Such forces could include fire, earthquakes, labor strikes, war, civil unrest, tsunamis, or hurricanes. Force Majeure Cancellations DO NOT apply to rain, potential rain, fog, heat, or other usual weather occurrences. Due to a Force Majeure, either party may cancel a shoot without a cancellation fee or without standard notice without the threat of legal ramifications. However, reimbursement of any production rental equipment, travel expenses already made, etc., will still be owed by the client even in case of Force Majeure cancellation. There will be no refund on deposits paid in the event of a force majeure.