Media is the greatest force shaping our world, let us use it to empower and educate


We do not make anything. We are all about social development. Creating a better ethical planet. We do not do Alcohol or any content that involves drugs, sex, or unethical practices. No money in the world is worth our souls. We do not engage in any content which is hateful, or destructive to the environment.

The story behind making movie production that make you feel it

This life is a journey, a real short journey. We pick a set of ideologies we think are right and we walk that walk. We adjust as we grow and learn new things and encounter dynamic situations. Sometimes we change voluntarily through reflexive methods, and sometimes we are forced to change. We all have an idealistic view of the world, and everything after that is a compromise. How do you deal with your compromises is the thing that defines your journey in this world. Some of us believe the entire world should act and behave a certain way, failing that we have to find a way to negotiate reality with idealism. At Halaqah we have since 1998 tried to be part of the forces that shape the world by being ethical but also critical thinkers. Most of all by being realistic and understanding the conflicts between the ideal and reality.

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