A journey in conscious media and quality services

Halaqah Media aka Halaqah Studio (South Africa) is two decades old. And we have a history of in-house productions which include multi-award-winning documentaries such as Motherland and 500 Years Later. and our unique audiomentaries series which includes the SHADOWS series. In addition to our in-house production, we are also a post-production company offering editing. Second Unit, video production, stock footage in two continents UK and South Africa. We are also web developers, and logo creators..

Do you need a professional music video or company video and just cannot afford the big boys. Then check us out. We don’t have their overhead but have the talent and the kit (gimbal, cranes, drones, sliders, lights) to do the job @ very reasonable rates. Or if you are a filmmaker and need to hire the gear for your shoot check us out. We have gimbals, motorized sliders, 4k drones, Jibs, you name it. Tell us your budget and we will tailor something around it. Photography Video editing Motion graphics Web design Everything media for business, artist, events.

South Africa only: Basic Music video R8K (HD one location, one edit) Standard R10K (HD one location, multi scenes, one edit) Mid Level R20K (4k 3 locations, multi scenes 2 edits) Top 30K (4K 5 locations, multi scenes, props, cranes) Beyonce Level 70K (RED 4K all above + Aerials, multi-locations, sets) No CALLS us chat or whatsapp


If someone wants to they could say “I am the king of the world and I have the powers of Superman” the weakest person or the strongest person who actually has those power could write those words. It takes no effort to say “I am the best”. There is no business on Earth that writes about themselves and says “Dont trust me”, “I am unprofessional” or “I took the client’s money and never did the work. No one does that, yet the primary concern of every client is knowing who to trust. No one will tell you “don’t trust me, I don’t know what I am doing.” So what can you trust beyond the words written on a site? THE WORK.

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