Drones are the future so get with the future way of seeing the world

4K drone footage (Video and photos) perfect for Real Estate, events, inspections, commercial property, car shows, boat shows, weddings, events, etc. Timelapse, night footage. Music videos. Our current Drone service is only available for the Durban South Africa area, for areas outside of Durban please contact us for further information. Rates change so please confirm with us. Rates also vary depending on the type of shooting and complexity. The rates below are for very basic drone services (inspections, small companies, personal projects, etc). Real Estate and other commercial properties are packaged at R2500 per hour/project.

  • 30 min slot (approx 10 min video) R500. Minimum booking 1 hr
  • 1 hr R1000 (charged 30 min increments thereafter)
  • 40% Deposit is required to secure the booking
  • Surcharge for anything outside of Durban CBD
  • Delivery after session
  • Editing is done at the same rate

Drones flights are subject to aviation laws, and quality is affected by wind, the angle of the sun cloud cover, etc. Cannot fly during rain. No editing will be done unless booked. Raw hi-res photos and video files are handed over at the end of a session.

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